Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why Work When You Can Play Football

Priorities, priorities. Shortly before 1 pm today, after only being in session since 11 this morning, the House adjourned until 8 pm. Why did the House decide to take this seven hour recess just two short days before sine die? To play football of course! Apparently members need to take out some of the aggression that's been building up all session.

This afternoon there will be a Freshman football game, with a freshman representative as the
captain of each team. Each team is said to have around 20 players and the big game will supposedly be in Memorial Stadium.

While the House also adjourned to wait for more bills to come over from the Senate and attend committee meetings, it will be interesting to see how much work will actually get done. After their strenuous football game in the heat, members are sure to stumble back to the floor tonight (if they come back at all) dehydrated, injured, and possibly a bit inebriated. Tonight's session should be colorful. Don't you just love Texas politics!