Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What was he thinking?!?

Rep. Todd Smith presented Senate Bill 111 on the House floor today. The bill will require that state universities adopt a plan to offer college credit for high school students who participate in the IB program, a rigorous academic program offered in schools across the country.

What? IB? International Baccalereaute? Did you say International?!?

"Does this support any sort of internationalism?" a heated Rep. Robert Talton directed at Smith. Talton said the program is tied to that damned international group, the United Nations - you know, "the same U.N. that is now involved in the oil scandal in Iraq."

After a short break, Talton returned to the mike, even more heated. He took a look at the IB program website. Ohmygod! This program was started in . . . Switzerland!!!!

"Are you still telling me that this doesn't preach internationalism?" Talton shouted.

A frustrated Smith retorted, "I still don't understand why that's a problem."

The bill passed with an overwhelming majority. But, Talton, again, amazed.