TLO Blogger Profiles

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein fell into journalism quite by accident as a way to feed himself and indulge his curiosity while living in Central America. After that, his journalism travels took him to Pasadena, Texas, Miami, Florida, and currently Austin, Texas where he is executive editor of The Texas Observer. Read Jake's post archives.

Elayne Esterline

Lured by the vagaries of politics and motivated by an idealism born of youth, Texas-born Elayne Esterline has just about finished her joint master’s degree in public policy and journalism at the University of Texas. To balance the conceptual with the practical, she “keeps it real” working for local nonprofits, and to hone her Spanish she travels, studies, and works in Mexico. Before coming to the Observer, she held positions as a policy research intern for the advertising firm GSD&M;, and as a staff writer for an e-magazine, TexasNonprofits. Read Elayne's post archives.

Monica Gutierrez

Monica Gutierrez is an ambitious young woman always on the lookout for an interesting story. Though innocent in appearance, her inquisitive nature can uncover the most hidden information. While studying communication and Spanish at St. Edward’s University, Monica enjoys covering criminal justice and health care issues, but is always open to various topics.
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Chris Mahon

Chris Mahon is completing graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin in public policy and journalism. A native of California, Chris speaks French and Russian. In keeping with his love of irrelevant languages in the American Southwest, he is now studying Linear B.
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Dave Mann

Dave Mann is a Yankee carpetbagger from Philadelphia. After writing for newspapers back east, Dave moved to the Great State four years ago. He serves as associate editor of the Observer, where his colleagues have put up with him for more than two years now. In his spare time, Dave spoils his goofy yet kind-hearted border collie and searches for good cheesesteaks. Read Dave's post archives.

Lauren Reinlie

Lauren Reinlie is a southern girl, born and raised in Florida and Georgia, who somehow along the way ended up in the vast territory of Texas. Over the years she became aware of her love of collecting information and putting pieces together to create the bigger picture. She is slightly obsessed with debunking the illusions created by the mainstream media. Currently, she is entrenched in learning the wily ways of good ol’ boy southern politicians as a legislative intern at The Texas Observer. Before that she worked as a reporter for The Daily Texan, as founding editor of Issue magazine, and on developing her ping-pong skills from the comfort of her bedroom. Read Lauren's post archives.

Jonathan York

Jonathan York studies English at the University of Texas. He grew up in East Texas and has worked both for the left-wing media establishment (The Daily Texan) and the right-wing media conspiracy (The Washington Times, The Athens Daily Review). When not writing poems in dark alleys, Jonathan covers legislation on open government, prisons, the death penalty, gambling, and energy regulation. He also wears a fedora.
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