Jonathan York

You could replace some lightbulbs, too

Rep. Jim McReynolds (D-Lufkin) on a condom-distribution bill left pending tonight by the Corrections committee:

If this bill passes, I'm gonna go home and say, 'We gave the prisoners of the state of Texas new toilets, telephones, and condoms.'


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'on the living and the dead'

If you mess with a body, the deed will haunt you. This is not poetic wisdom; it is a thought present in both houses of the Legislature, where some members want the law to do the haunting:


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GTECH corporation operates the Texas Lottery. No surprise, then, that the company sees money in a House plan to introduce video lottery terminals. (VLTs, like the paper lottery, operate from a central network.) The eagerness showed when a GTECH lobbyist stepped up to testify before House Ways and Means last night. First, he said his words on the VLT bills would be neutral.


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His shining hour

"The idea has been there ... The administration has never really liked it. But, I have always felt it has been a revenue stream for money. It does not matter if it's mine or not or has my name, as long as it is the idea and the concept that helps the state of Texas."
- Rep. Kino Flores, quoted in the McAllen Monitor, April 27, 2004

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