Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stayin' alive?

The Lege may still have a chance to give a student a seat on the board of regents of state universities this session. Sen. Jeff Wentworth's SB 936 passed through the Senate Education Committee today and onto the Local and Uncontested Calendar, which could get it a speedy move off the Senate floor.
Students have been fighting for representation on the board of regents for years. Last week, the House killed Rep. Patrick Rose's student regent bill when it failed to recieve hearing by the House deadline.
Rep. Rose filed his legislation in the name of student interests, but then stripped the bill of its heart in committee when he removed the voting power of the student. This leaves the student as simply a figurehead and a way to acquiesce student demands for representation.
Wentworth's bill gives the Lege another chance to give students one vote out of nine in the decisions made by the powers that be at their universities. This legislation comes at a time when tuition rates are skyrocketing statewide in the hands of board of regents after the Lege passed tuition deregulation last session.