Monday, May 30, 2005

Sine Die and Frank Madla

It's Sine Die, the 140th day of the session, when the Lege adjourns indefinitely and rolls out of town. But not before some ceremony. Right now, the Senate is nominating Frank Madla to serve as president pro-temp of the Senate.

It's a mostly ceremonial post, though Madla will be third in-line should anything happen to the governor and lite gov. Madla, a San Antonio Democrat, has served in the Senate since 1993, after 20 years in the House. He's known for his quiet demeanor and for being the champion of the Texas wine industry. That's pretty much what most senators are saying in their nominating speeches. Unfortunately, Madla's most influential and lasting contribution this session was casting a largely decisive vote for the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment.

There's been speculation around the Capitol that Madla would retire after this session (Rep. Pete Gallego and Rep. Carlos Uresti have been mentioned as possible successors). But now we have to wonder if good ol' Frank won't be coming back after all.