Friday, April 29, 2005

Public Ed Happy Hour

The Senate Education Committee is about to meet to take another whack at passing a school finance bill. The committee crashed and burned on its first attempt to pass House Bill 2 last night. Palestine Republican Todd Staples and several other rural lawmakers want more money for rural school districts. That's proving problematic since there isn't much extra cash floating around.

Lite Gov. David Dewhurst announced after today's Senate session that progress had been made "within the last hour." He was seen earlier talking with Staples on the dais. Senators are now huddling in Dewhurst's office before the committee meets.

Sen. Florence Shapiro said her committee still has more than 30 amendments to debate on HB 2. They may be there a while. Nothing like a Friday evening spent discussing public school funding and property tax caps. These people simply don't get paid enough.