Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Parental Consent Back On The Floor

In an unanticipated move yesterday, Rep. Will Harnett tacked on an amendment toSB 419 (The Medical Examiners Sunset bill) adding performing an abortion on a minor without written consent or court order to the list of prohibited acts listed in the occupations code 164.052(a).

Under this amendment a doctor risks losing her/his license if she/he performs an abortion on “an unemancipated minor without written consent of the child’s parent, managing conservator, or court-appointed legal guardian, or without a court order permitting the abortion.”

Hartnett’s amendment resembles Kings’ HB 1212 (that died last week), but amends the Occupations Code rather than the Family Code. Groups opposed to parental consent say this is just a back door way of changing parental notification laws because an amendment to the Family Code would not be germane to SB 419.

The bill passed on a voice vote. Today the House is hearing the third reading of the bill.