Thursday, May 05, 2005

Movers Can't be Stealers

Now Texans on the move can have a little more comfort when allowing strangers to handle their precious belongs. Rep. Sylvester Turner's (D-Houston) HB 1870 passed the House today, requiring every household and good carrier to have a license number registered with the Texas Department of Transportation, while marking those who fail to have this number in violation of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

This bill was written in response to problems many people were having with moving companies who claimed to be legitimate, stealing people's belongings and disappearing with no way for the victim to trace them. HB 1870 will allow for better oversight and regulation of the industry, placing the blame on the moving company.

As originally drafted, the bill called for publishers of phone books and other advertising materials to self-police the industry, making sure they had license numbers before publishing their ads. Publishers, however, didn't really care for this requirement and killed this portion of the bill.