Monday, July 25, 2005

Groundhog or Turkey?

The folks at the Lege were back at it today, trying to solve school finance for the fifth time. The big move in the latest version of this chess game appears to be in the Senate where a 2/3rds vote in order to suspend the regular order of business is required to take up House Bill 2. Many Senators are rightly concerned that whatever they approve, no matter the quality, will be radically changed for the worse in conference committee with the House. The bill that comes back will only need a majority vote to pass. Thus everybody understands that the first vote is the most important one. It was supposed to occur today but instead the Senate adjourned until tomorrow. Looks like Dewhurst doesn't have the votes he needs to get the bill off the floor.

Meanwhile in the House, the rumor is that Craddick will, by hook or by crook, force his members to pass both House Bill 2 and it's taxing cousin House Bill 3, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. After that he will release his members to vote their districts. The idea here is to avoid having the bill die in the House, so if failure ensues the Senate gets the blame.