Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Gov's Security Detail Stops Morenos

We've heard rumors that when the Moreno family arrived at the front gate of the state cemetery on Tuesday for the burial of their son, Rep. Joe Moreno (D-Houston), Governor Rick Perry's security detail turned them away. The Moreno's were told they would have to enter the cemetery at another gate, only the hearse and the governor himself could pass.

We couldn't believe that the governor could be quite that tacky, so we called his office. It turns out it's true, but of course, not the governor's fault. Spokesman Scott Haywood blamed the incident on the cemetery Superintendent Harry Bradley. He said that Bradley was worried about congestion at the front gate and so told DPS to direct everybody--except for the governor and the hearse--to a designated parking spot. The governor's security detail helped enforce the order.