Saturday, May 21, 2005

Gay marraige in the Senate

Sen. Todd Staples is making a motion on the floor of the Senate to suspend rules of order and hear HJR6, the constitutional ammendment banning gay marriage. The ammendment would add language into the constitution that restricts marraige to that between one man and one woman as well as bars the state from recognizing any arrangement similar to marraige. This would constitutionally ban civil unions in Texas.
The ammendment is just changing the constitution to match current law, says Staples.
Staples says he will not allow for any compromise on HJR 6. "Any ammendment to this bill is nothing more than an attempt to defeat the measure," he says. "Any delays at this point in the session will result in a greater chance of non-passage of a piece of legislation."
(Sen. Rodney Ellis points out that the bill sat in Senate State Affairs for over 20 days without a hearing. )
In 2002, Alabama tried to remove segregation from the state constitution. The measure failed before voters. If this language is added to the constitution, it will prove very difficult to overturn when the tide of opinion swings in the future. It is a shame that Staples and other legislators are not more interested in trying to find a compromise on an issue that so drastically divides the country.