Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Deja Vu All Over Again on School Finance

Well, the Legislature is nothing if not consistent on this one.

Quorum Report documents what had become increasingly clear last night and today--the Lege has failed, for the second time in six weeks and fourth time in two years, to come up with a school finance reform. Even though the conference committee reached a deal on House Bill 2, the education package, that legislation remains linked to the tax package (House Bill 3)--one can't pass without the other. Even if House-Senate negotiators and the governor's office had compromised on a version of the tax bill, it's questionable whether the legislation could have passed the House or Senate on a final vote. There were rumors of 85-87 votes against HB 3 in the House.

So what now? It's up to the governor, who's made a lot of noise this week about calling another special session, starting on Thursday. A special session in August (talk about a misnomer) would make a lot of people unhappy, us included.