Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Battle Over Consent Continues- Day 2

As expected, SB 419 (a routine agency reauthorization bill) was laid out for discussion at 11:03 a.m. this morning on the House floor. Eight amendments were introduced-- of which five were adopted, one was withdrawn, and one failed.

Parental consent amendments to SB 419 make it a license violation for a doctor to perform an abortion without getting a signed consent form from a parent, legal guardian or managing conservator. Pro-choice groups say these amendments are intimidation tactics to preclude doctors from performing abortions. A representative from NARAL Pro-Choice Texas says this parental consent amendment is just one more disincentive for a physician to perform an abortion. She says the State already imposes many requirements on physicians who perform abortions and it is obvious that this is another attempt to discourage physicians from performing legal abortions.

Rep. Miller tried to tack on an amendment that would eliminate language that recognizes the judicial bypass option. His amendment failed.

SB 419 passed with 121-Y votes and 12-N votes. Speaker Tom Craddick is listed as “present but not voting” in every record vote from today's debate. The bill is expected to move from the House to the Senate floor sometime next week. Sources at the Lege say the more amendments tacked onto this bill, the more likely some will stick.