Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Perry's Promise

One more note from the Gov's ho-hum press conference this afternoon. Perry caught our attention with this comment: "We're going to be here until we get this right." Yikes! Perry added that it shouldn't take the Lege more than 30 days to pass a plan. But if it does, well, we know that the governor can call as many special sessions as he wants (see: redistricting, circa 2003).

They're Baaaack....And So Are We

The first special session of Legislature No. 79 kicked off this afternoon (and your friendly bloggers from the Observer staff are back at it, as well). It's summer hours over in the Pink Building: The House met for all of 45 minutes and adjourned for the rest of the week (at which point they might have a school finance plan out of committee to hear on the floor or then again, maybe not).

After the House and Senate met briefly, the governor held a press conference to unveil "The Perry Plan." Let's not spend too much time analyzing the details, though, because the speaker and lite gov. are likely to shove The Perry Plan in a drawer. In fact, as Quorum Report says, Kent Grusendorf filed House Bill 2 today--which is the exactly the same as the House plan that was being negotiated in conference committee three weeks ago.

It looks like the House and Senate may simply try to pass their same proposals from the regular session and head to conference committee to hash it out. All of which feels like going to a buffet and picking over the same stale scraps they were serving three weeks ago, but we digress.

We certainly weren't the only ones unhappy to be back in the House chamber today. Some members were wondering what they're doing here. Is a real solution actually going to come from this (will the House Rs have to vote for another huge tax bill?) or is this all governor grandstanding? Stay tuned.